Yogurt Beach is a local, family-owned and operated business that is very interested in supporting local schools, sports leagues and charitable organizations.  We offer two types of fundraising opportunities that are both very easy to plan, organize and execute.

Option #1 – Yogurt Beach will host a fundraiser at one of our stores and contribute a fixed percentage of the sales (30%) resulting from all fundraiser participants’ purchases at our store during the day of the fundraising event.  This option simply requires lots of word-of-mouth marketing as well as the handing out and posting of fundraising flyers by the fundraising partners. The success of this type of fundraising event is directly proportional to the number of participants that a fundraising partner is able to attract to the fundraising event at our store. In order to optimize your fundraising goal it is recommended that 100+ invitations be sent to participants to achieve success in your fundraising goal.

Option #2 – Yogurt Beach’s fundraising partners market and pre-sell Yogurt Beach gift cards to community supporters in lieu of candy bars, coupon books, movie tickets or other traditional fundraising merchandise.  Under this option, Yogurt Beach then contributes 30% of the total gift card sales proceeds back to its fundraising partners for their fundraising purpose.

Yogurt Beach’s Fundraising Goals & Limitations

It is Yogurt Beach’s goal to provide support for a large number of fundraising beneficiaries from local schools, sports leagues and charitable organizations without the appearance of bias towards any one particular group. Therefore, we are not able to provide in-store fundraising opportunities for individuals seeking fundraising support for charitable endeavors, nor can we offer fundraising support for individual teams, clubs or religious organizations simply due to the sheer number of these groups that might seek our support. We greatly appreciate your understanding with regard to these fundraising goals and limitations.

If you are interested in a fundraising opportunity with us, download an application here: Fundraising Overview & Application – Newton

You may also email us at We will respond to your request in a timely manner. 

We receive many requests on a weekly basis so we truly appreciate your patience and we greatly appreciate your interest in fundraising with Yogurt Beach!